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Iowa Court Overturns $6M Nursing Home Negligence Verdict

On appeal, Timely Mission argues that a new trial is warranted because the jury heard improper testimony from nursing home staff members that a certified nursing assistant, Melanie Blakesley, had physically and verbally abused residents other than Weaver.

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From the website page summarizing my experience in nursing home injuries

The health care of our elderly, particularly our parents, is an issue of growing concern. Advances in medicine continue to prolong life. About 1.6 million US citizens are functionally dependent and living in nursing facilities. That figure is expected to climb to 5 million in thirty years.

One report estimates that 250,000 people currently die each year in the US because of mistakes made by medical professionals. According to Dr. Donald Berwick of the Institute of Medicine, these figures are an “underestimate”. The Committee Chairman who wrote the Institute of Medicine’s Report had this to say:

“These stunningly high rates of medical errors – resulting in deaths, permanent disability and unnecessary suffering – are simply unacceptable in a medical system that promises first to “do no harm.”” William Richardson, Chief Executive Officer of the WK Kellogg Foundation of Battle Creek, Michigan.

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