Shkreli’s Quality Fraud (is not a one-off)

This legal concept is used by the Department of Justice to recover lost, wasted, or stolen money in the health care market. In 2016, I blogged about it in the context of prescription drug costs right here. I was watching a Netflix show last night and Martin Shkreli (played by an actor) made an appearance […]

Sentencing in $250M Radiology Fraud Scheme

If you follow the Department of Justice alerts, you know that the Feds recover hundreds of millions of dollars in waste, fraud, and abuse in our health insurance system every year. Why is this considered acceptable? #QualityFraud Ex-CEO of medical imaging companies sentenced to prison in $250 million fraud scheme

May 29, 2019

Stephanie Roskovski, former COO of BHS, and her husband defrauded the health system of more than $1.3 million from 2011 through December 2017, according to a 37-count indictment issued in April. The couple allegedly used Ms. Roskovski’s corporate credit card for $1.3 million in personal expenses, including family vacations and a motorcross business, and submitted […]