August 24, 2017

The widespread use of electronic health records, administrative claims, and social media and the ubiquity of smart devices have created “big data” that heretofore have not been widely utilized. There is substantial enthusiasm for the use of real-world data sources to generate so-called real-world evidence (RWE), but confusion remains about what RWE means. What is […]

August 17, 2017

Few Outcome Measures Meet Criteria for Assessing Accuracy and Validity, According to Two Joint Commission Executives I blog about deaths from negligence and medical error being under reported. I also blog about Joint Commission procedures and the secrecy of peer review proceedings. Maybe the authorities are beginning to come around to my way of thinking.

The Cost of Care

Dartmouth study on reigning in healthcare costs This chart on the left (in the article linked above) was originally created by the Kaiser Foundation and is now outdated (as shown in the chart on the right) – largely because the cost of drugs, medical devices and hospitalizations has skyrocketed. As a percentage, the amount we spend on primary […]


In one-quarter of the country, girls born today may live shorter lives than their mothers, and the country as a whole is falling behind other industrialized nations in the march toward longer life, according to a study just released by the Institute for Health Metrics. Life expectancy by county in the U.S. varies as much as […]

Quality Fraud by Omission

More Than Half of Failed Clinical Trials Unpublished   Less than half of failed clinical trials are published in peer review journals, according to a new study. Practically, this may be due to the fact that there are no sponsors or financial stakeholders willing to contribute to a public relations push when their new ‘wonder […]