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The cutoff date to file a medical malpractice lawsuit is extended if a medical practitioner flees the state within the four-year lawsuit deadline, the Supreme Court of Ohio ruled recently.

Here is a case out of Ohio allowing a claim to proceed, even where the defendant makes himself difficult to find and serve with process.

Ohio Supreme Court: Patients can pursue legal claim against doctor who fled country

I had a similar and horrific case involving a small child killed in an office setting during laser removal of a port wine stain lesion. The dentist performing anesthesia overdosed the child and the surgeon had no oxygen or other life saving treatments available in his office. The dentist fled Florida immediately after and we had to chase him to Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, where he was sleeping in his car on an Indian Reservation.

In that case, we not only conquered that obstacle but also insurance companies for the treatment that denied the claim initially. It took years to obtain a declaratory judgment of coverage after which our client was entitled to all the costs and fees associated with the extraordinary lengths we took to obtain justice for our client.

Choose your lawyer carefully.