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Medicare’s Repeal


When the Congress convenes in 2017, the first items on the agenda appear to be repeal of health insurance for 75 million Americans.

If Medicare and the Affordable Care Act are repealed, pre-existing conditions would presumably be the law of the land at the same time that tens of millions lose their insurance. Those people would be effectively uninsurable as they were before the ACA.

In addition to those uninsured, the repeal of Medicare as we know it would put more of our most vulnerable citizens out of their insurance. 55 million Americans to be precise: elderly, disabled and disadvantaged. Instead of the guaranteed and reliable Federal program of insurance, our greatest generation would be left only with “medical savings accounts” (presumably retirees’ own savings) and placed at the tender mercies of Wall St. Banks, Hedge Funds and Insurance conglomerates to provide for the money they need for health care.

These are the populations most likely to suffer serious harm and need the most extensive care to heal and rehabilitate. We are not concerned here with the political wisdom of overturning an almost century old delivery of healthcare that has proven to be reliable and which the members have come to count on.

Our concern is how consumers adapt to the constant upheavals in our healthcare system and how they navigate their way through to proper diagnosis, prognosis and treatment. Particularly when they have serious personal injury cases that rely on qualified and competent medical evidence.

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