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Orchestra Tune-Up

During a hospital stay, there are many ways for things to go sideways. For a timely and successful discharge, every health care provider and every department has to be working as one – each fulfilling their part toward the end goal of stabilizing the patient and putting them on the road to recovery. The nursing desk and the techs for each department have to be in sync. The doctors have to be on time making their rounds and responding to calls from the desk. Radiology has to report its findings clearly and timely. The labs have to be efficient and make sure that their results make it to the chart. These are all simple things that have to be done properly and in sync in order for science and medicine to do their thing. Any failures can lead to devastating results for the patient.

If you’ve ever heard an orchestra tune-up, it sounds like chaos. Cacophony. Everyone doing their own thing, locked into their personal preparations. Once the conductor raises his baton, everything changes. Having made their preparations (both human and instrument), individuals act as one to produce the best possible result. Each instrument plays its part.

Here is an example. No matter how fervently surgeons and anesthesiologists work through a fourteen-hour procedure, none of that work will achieve its purpose if someone isn’t keeping track of patient positioning. Medical errors can be as basic as leaving someone prone in a surgical position for too long – or changing their position too suddenly.

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Hospital Error in the Operating Room: Patient Positioning

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