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Defective Knee Replacements

I successfully litigated a product liability case involving a Depuy knee implant and the surgeon who placed it. This recent verdict involves a different type of defect and a slightly different model. But the lesson remains true as always: medical malpractice cases are difficult, especially when mixed with product liability issues. Choose your lawyer carefully.

A Washington federal jury has sided with a Johnson & Johnson-owned medical device maker in a product liability trial in Seattle, agreeing that the manufacturer was not liable for the injuries a Washington man claimed he suffered due to a defective knee replacement.

The jury delivered the verdict at about 4 p.m. Friday, after four days of testimony and roughly 50 minutes of deliberations, rejecting plaintiff Derrick C. Bosley Sr.’s claims that orthopedics maker DePuy negligently designed the Attune Knee System device that was implanted in his left knee in 2014 and later had to be removed and replaced.

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