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Florida’s Wrongful Death Law Is Wrong

Florida bars any wrongful death claims for victims of medical malpractice where other families with different types of wrongful death claims are allowed to proceed. I have been fighting against this cruel law for most of my career.

While the legislature dithers around with bills proposed to remedy this inequity (powerful insurance and health care interests predictably block the progress of these bills), Florida families continue to rail against laws that restrict the rights of victims.

Brandon Family Rages Against Florida’s Refusal to Protect Victims of Fatal Medical Error

I have been fighting for Florida families to change these laws for twenty years. When the Florida Supreme Court decided Mizrahi, allowing Florida’s carve-outs that harm victims of deadly medical malpractice, I pursued a case all the way to the Supreme Court (alone with my clients) to fashion alternative remedies.

You can find links on our website to more information about that work here.

I will continue to fight for victims of medical malpractice, working hard to fashion meaningful remedies for them and their families. It is the reason trial lawyers do what they do. I am proud of my profession.