The Daily

December 13, 2016


Last month, we honored the victims of motor vehicle accidents on November 18, 2016 – the day set aside for Remembrance of Road Traffic Accident Victims around the world. Florida recognizes motor vehicles as “dangerous instrumentalities” and holds vehicle owners (except professional owners like rental car companies, who are given exemption under Federal law) responsible for any negligent operation. I have represented hundreds of motor vehicle accident victims including pedestrians, motorcycle drivers, van drivers, large truck operators and other road accident victims. I have investigated and prosecuted every type of accident with the help of accident reconstruction experts – car fires, rollovers, pole collisions and highway guardrail breaches. I have investigated and prosecuted dozens of wrongful deaths caused by defective products on motor vehicles including tires, seat belts, vehicle roofs, vehicle weight and balance design defects, failed engine repairs and defective parts, hydraulic lifts on trucks and other vehicle components. I have prepared life care plans for comatose and paralyzed victims of motor vehicle negligence – the most weighty responsibility a personal injury lawyer can be charged with. Obtaining full compensation for serious motor vehicle accident injuries requires serious experience.