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Why is rehab important?

Rehabilitation is relevant in personal injury litigation in two important ways. First, there are present rehab needs that must be recognized and fulfilled by treating care providers. This requires detailed attention to the physical problem at issue and the patient’s ability to work through those problems. Time and attention are the keys to the treatment plan and meeting established goals. Second, future rehab needs must be recognized with a comprehensive plan (potentially a lifetime) to meet those needs over time. This often requires a cost projection for equipment, transportation, home remodeling, medical devices, and other necessary costs.

This study in the stroke context suggests we have a lot of work to do in making rehab more effective. The analysis would seem to apply in any setting, from car accident victims to brain-damaged babies.

Patients should have the opportunity to demonstrate rehabilitation potential by participation in therapy. As therapy resources are limited and responses to therapy may be context-dependent, early decisions about a lack of potential should not limit longer-term opportunities for rehabilitation.

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What is rehabilitation potential? Development of a theoretical model through the accounts of healthcare professionals working in stroke rehabilitation services