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What is a Trial Lawyer?

The second in the video series on our website is a short introduction to what it means being a trial lawyer.

Back in 2016, I posted a series of five ‘Why Am I A Trial Lawyer’ blogs highlighting my own influences, beginning with this one.

Now, we’ve made a video to accompany those posts and put it up with several others on our YouTube Channel. Please visit to learn more.

Our YouTube Video: What is a Trial Lawyer?

As mentioned often here, my family and my first mentors out of school have been an inspiration to me. I hope that comes through in the video we taped. The practice of law has changed dramatically over the last few decades – not necessarily in the best ways. ‘Big Box’ style shops have taken over Main Street, just like in retail. Craftsmen are still out here doing things the old fashioned way – with hard work and integrity. But that has become the exception rather than the rule.

Back in the day, we had a relationship with “the Father of Family Medicine” at the University of Miami. He testified in a few of our cases and was a constant source of expertise that helped our clients in any number of ways. Once, the Government hired him to testify against one of our clients in a case where cancer tests had been requested and fell through the cracks at a public clinic. On direct by the US Attorney, the expert tried to explain that some advances in medicine are not always met with open arms. As an example, he used his own practice – explaining that even after flexibile sigmoidoscopy became standard, he preferred to use rigid sigmoidoscopes because he was “more comfortable” with them.

When my Father got up to cross examine him with a grin on his face, he prefaced the question (which I’ve forgotten) by saying, “Like you, Doctor, I’m a practitioner who likes the rigid sigmoidoscope. But I’ll try to make this as painless as possible.”

Before the Federal judge was able to throw us both in jail, the expert witness, laughing, explained that we all knew one another. As with so many other close calls like this, we lived to fight another day.