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Lee Health Loves Damage Caps, But Only for Itself. Everyone Else Is Expected to Pay Full Freight.

The news is that two Florida public hospitals want in – at the last minute – on the State’s opioid lawsuit. They’re afraid they may get cut off from money available arising out of the opioid prescriptions filled out by their employees.

Judge Denies Sarasota Hospital and Lee Health Motion Intervene in Opioid Settlement

I’ve discussed on this blog Lee Memorial’s charter and how Lee Memorial built a government health care monopoly in Lee County, Florida. A link to one of those posts is found below.

Lee Health’s Government Monopoly & Quality Fraud

Accountability is good. It is right and proper that opioid manufacturers pay the full cost of their misconduct. At the same time, however, it is a little galling to see two public hospitals profiting at both ends of this crisis when those same hospitals claim sovereign immunity damage caps for damages caused by their own negligence.