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Bad Attitude Shuffle (Doctor’s mood increases the chance of medical negligence)

Many of the physicians I come into contact with from the other end of medical malpractice litigation are miserable, haughty, overly defensive, and rude. While a certain amount of that can be attributed to defending oneself in negligence litigation, two points need making: 1) it doesn’t help the doctor, it helps my case; 2) if you think a bad attitude doesn’t equate to poor bedside manner and bad patient outcomes, you are sadly mistaken.

In Australia …

“It’s vital that we try to figure out why some doctors are being sued. A doctor’s error can have devastating repercussions for patients and be costly to the health-care system “Dr. Bradfield stated the following.”

Doctor’s mood increases the chance of medical negligence, study reveals

I am trying to think of a reason that a similar US study would produce different results.