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In one-quarter of the country, girls born today may live shorter lives than their mothers, and the country as a whole is falling behind other industrialized nations in the march toward longer life, according to a study just released by the Institute for Health Metrics. Life expectancy by county in the U.S. varies as much as 20 years.

IHMS Study on United States Mortality Rates

On this blog, we focus on the United States health care delivery and insurance models. As I have noted before, our system of healthcare delivery has been in a constant state of flux due to legislative changes and market forces. The only consistent factor produced within all this change are skyrocketing costs of care and insurance – far beyond any other developed nation in the world. The metrics of care quality long ago stopped being in our favor. Now, that hard fact is showing up in lower life expectancies – particularly in communities outside large cities and metropolitan areas. This ought to be unacceptable, especially given the exorbitant prices Americans pay for care and insurance.

We will continue to track the healthcare delivery and insurance markets, focusing on quality fraud and the dangers posed by adverse medical events.

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