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Since 1988 when I began practicing, special interests have been promoting and manipulating pre-suit screening rules in medical malpractice cases to make filing lawsuits against hospitals and doctors more and more difficult. The result is like a treacherous mountain range mauled by giant earth-moving machines, with trails and paths that constantly shift and change. Getting from one side of the mountain to the other requires a qualified guide.

When choosing a lawyer for your medical malpractice case, find someone who can keep you well away from this kind of fruitless litigation where possible.

UF and Shands sought to dismiss the case, at least in part, because they said DeStephens was not qualified to provide expert opinions related to neurosurgery. A circuit judge ultimately decided that DeStephens was qualified to provide an expert opinion about post-surgical care provided by the advanced registered nurse practitioner, court documents show.

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