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Wednesday round-up

Wednesday round-up

At Politico, Michael Grunwald looks at President Barack Obama’s legacy in the judiciary, concluding that, “even if the Garland nomination stalls, Obama has already reshaped the judiciary, not only the Supreme Court but the lower courts that hear more than 400,000 federal cases every year.”  And the editorial board of USA Today urges the Senate to “put politics aside and give Judge Garland a hearing and a vote. It’s the best thing for the court, the country and the Constitution.”


  • At The Crime Report, Caleb Mason weighs in on last Term’s ruling in Utah v. Strieff, in which the Court held that evidence seized after an arrest based on a pre-existing warrant can be admitted even if the original stop violated the Constitution; he describes the decision as “one of those important late-term Supreme Court criminal procedure decisions that get overshadowed by headline-grabbing constitutional law rulings.”

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