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Friday round-up

Friday round-up

In The Wall Street Journal, Kristina Peterson reports on recent comments by Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, who told reporters that “he expected Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton would re-nominate Merrick Garland for the U.S. Supreme Court if she is elected in November”; similar coverage comes from Jordain Carney for The Hill.  And at Lambda Legal, Eric Lesh argues that there “are many reasons why eight justices are not enough.”


  • At Rewire, Jessica Pieklo contends that the Court could “give religiously affiliated employers even more room to discriminate.”
  • At Morning Consult, Jon Reid reports that Ohio “Senate hopeful Ted Strickland apologized Wednesday for saying earlier this week that Justice Antonin Scalia’s death ‘happened at a good time,’ since it came just before the Supreme Court ruled on a case that could have been a blow to unions.”

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