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Tragedy caused by aircraft crashes present special and unique challenges for trial lawyers. The language, manufacture, maintenance, documents, machinery and government regulation for large and small aircraft are special. They require experience in order to decipher and solve the problems attendant to investigating, litigating and trying the aircraft case. The Government’s investigations by the National Transportation Safety Board are frequently not comprehensive and your lawyer must be prepared to secure evidence early and take the investigation further.

Skills gained in other kinds of cases should not generally be accepted as a substitute for experience in handling an aircraft case. Hiring a lawyer familiar and experienced in this area is a critical beginning to any responsible investigation.

The Firm’s background, including my Father (with whom I worked most of these cases), includes the handling of private or smaller aircraft crashes and major airline disasters: including the 1985 Miami Eastern Airlines crash (one wrongful death case), the 1994 USAir disaster in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (two wrongful death cases) and a small plane crash at the Naples Municipal Airport killing three.