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Our Firm has extensive experience handling cases against manufacturers of defective products, including planes, cars, tires, roll off dump trucks and hoists, medical devices, drugs and many other dangerous products.

Injuries caused by defects in products are often brought as product liability claims. The manufacturers and retailers of defective products may be strictly liable for injuries caused by defective products, meaning that they are automatically responsible as a result of the defect and it may not be necessary to show fault or negligence on their part.

Proving defects in the design or manufacture of a product can be difficult and usually will require expert analysis, inspection, testing and testimony.

In hiring a lawyer to investigate or pursue a product liability claim, it is essential to choose a firm with experience in investigating, litigating and trying product liability claims.
This Firm’s background includes the handling of many serious and complex product liability claims like those described above, including current and ongoing cases.

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