Serious Automobile Accidents

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The most common type of personal injury case requires special attention when serious injuries requiring surgery or leading to death are involved. Your lawyer should be intimately familiar with the medical issues and decisions you face. He or she should also have at their disposal knowledge and resources to assist you in seeking second opinions and further information about your injuries.

I have personally investigated everything from car explosions and fires to rollover accidents caused by tire blowout. I have been on the scene for traumatic motorcycle and pedestrian death investigations. I have been present for automobile reconstructions that last for days in the sweltering heat of salvage yards.

One of the most important decisions in any serious automobile negligence case is determining the nature and extent of injuries. Many firms, especially advertising firms, use a cookie-cutter approach – forcing cases toward settlement quickly based on the amount of insurance available rather than exploring the particular harm suffered by the client. Do not hire lawyers looking to make a quick buck off of your tragedy.

Experience is required to know who may be responsible in the case of a serious automobile accident. It is critical that your lawyer have personal experience at accident scenes dealing with preserving evidence and interviewing witnesses, investigators and police officers.

This Firm has decades of experience handling serious automobile accident cases and treats each one with the special attention that the serious injuries require. We believe that the hiring of the most experienced counsel will increase the chance that a carrier will treat the case seriously from the outset and our results bear this out.