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I have extensive experience litigating insurance and bad faith claims

In Florida, statutes impose an obligation upon insurance companies to comply with certain defined standards, including the responsibility to handle claims in good faith. Of you believe that you are the victim of insurance bad faith, it is essential that you consult a lawyer with experience and familiarity with these complex laws and carrier practices.

Our Firm has long experience in handling claims of insurance bad faith and brings to your representation decades of experience fighting insurance company practices. Bad faith cases often require expert review and testimony and we have on many occasions used our extensive contacts and resources to employ expert analysis in the context of bad faith issues.

A recent example of the Firm’s experience in bad faith insurance litigation is the case of a three million dollar excess judgment against a physician insured for only $500,000 (five hundred thousand), who refused to pay the claim. We are now pursuing a claim for triple damages and fees under Florida’s bad faith law against that carrier.