Truth Out Of Chaos

Now I’ve run out of things to say. There’s obviously no sense talking about this kind of thing … or maybe, there is at that: I find that by putting things in writing I can understand them and see them a little more objectively. And I guess that’s one of the real objectives of writing, […]

Announcement: We Partner with TrySail Litigation Support Services

  This blog tracks the challenges posed by changes in law and healthcare, focusing on serious but avoidable harms that can arise. Through our new association with TrySail Litigation Services, we are extending the  services available to clients and guests alike. TrySail is an e-commerce law store, product site and online litigation support center featuring access to investigations, […]

Owens v. Nationwide

The Charles decision from the Supreme Court is not our only important victory in appellate court for consumers. We have successfully pursued appeals in many and varied matters. You can find many of them on our website. In 2004, Florida’s Second District Court of Appeal ruled in our client’s favor in Owens v. Nationwide. You […]

What Is A Jury Trial No. 7: And Justice For All?

“Justice delayed is justice denied.”             A legal maxim often attributed to William Penn  Clients are often surprised by the length of time their claims wait for final resolution in the courthouse. This is especially true for cases that may take a week or more to try. Insurance carriers and lawyers for defendants are financially […]