August 24, 2017

The widespread use of electronic health records, administrative claims, and social media and the ubiquity of smart devices have created “big data” that heretofore have not been widely utilized. There is substantial enthusiasm for the use of real-world data sources to generate so-called real-world evidence (RWE), but confusion remains about what RWE means. What is […]

No, Man – They’re Taking Me To Pittsburgh

My work takes me to strange places. I’ve attended autopsies in Atlanta, crashed plane inspections at small rural airports, multi-day car and truck inspections in salvage yards, surreal crash sites and countless hospital and rehabilitation settings to witness and record clients struggling to overcome devastating injuries. Eyewitness observation of a client’s experiences can be essential to understanding […]

Overdose (No. 3)

This is the third in our blog series on obtaining and using confidential peer review records in litigation. In Overdose (No. 1), I reviewed JCAHO Hospital Root Cause Analysis and Sentinel Event Reporting. In Overdose (No. 2), I reviewed Hospital adverse medical incident reports, including Code 15 reports on nursing negligence submitted in Florida to the […]

Overdose (No. 2)

In my last Weekly Blog, I reviewed an Accreditation Decision Report I secured from internal Hospital and JCAHO investigations of a fatal overdose. These reports are usually confidential and contain information not available in other sources. That kind of sensitive information is rarely available but can be critical to a successful outcome in medical malpractice […]